In Experimental Aviation there are several great sources that focus on the airframes and many user communities dedicated to the design and construction of aircraft. There are also many sources for experimental engines, auto conversions, and the like. What I have discovered is there is very limited and decentralized information on building your own avionics. The goal of this website and forums is to provide a one-stop source on designing avionics. We will focus on using certified avionics in experimental aircraft, using non-certified instrumentation in aviation, and developing our own avionics using off-the-shelf electronics and micro-controllers such as the Arduino. I encourage any discussion or project submission that involves the use of tablet computers, ARM-based micro-controller, Arduino, and custom designs.

Our visitors must understand that we will provide no warranty, and all information is provided as-is. With that said, we hope they join in the forums to learn and contribute. Even if you only fly certified airplanes, building an altimeter will give you insights that no book can provide. What I don't want to see is someone breaking FAR's and posting about it. Please remember the aircraft manufacturer, mechanic, and pilot in command are ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft.

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After upgrading software and servers my existing style and templates no longer worked, I'm using off the shelf templates for now as I don't have time to update my custom ones. There are some roughness with these templates that I need to clean up when I have time.